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The Mission

Dedicated to create computer games, intelligent software and powerful applications that support our clients in their efforts.

AW was founded in 2014 by Karol Sabat, architect and research consultant working in the past for companies like Intel, Ericsson and Nokia. High automation and clarity of architecture and code allow us to achieve cheaper and more effective solutions than most of our competition.

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About Us

Artificial Worlds Ltd. is a network of freelancers working with each other to achieve common goals. Our main products are easy and enjoyable games, but we also produce intelligent software, internet portals or ERP / CRM systems, websites and applications for individual clients. We are a Microsoft's Partner.

Our products helped us to create over 50 freelancers. Debra, Leanne, Pierre, Markus, Ben, Robert and many others who help us to provide the best possible quality products to our users. Check what our customers and users say about us by clicking the button below.

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Athena AI

Athena AI is an innovative and intelligent network service. It allows you to correct the voice interface, it can give different answers to the same input signal and help children learn English.

Athena AI is an innovative approach to software development using neural networks and cognitive algorithms. Athena can be taught both using scripts and in a simple way, like talking to another person in the chat. You can talk with the 'chat bot' version of Athena, by clicking the link below: